Bio-medical Research

Scientists develop a general ‘control switch.
The method may be used in biomedical research, and in the future could be used in gene therapy and in genetic engineering of plants.

Our bodies could not maintain their existence without thousands of proteins performing myriad vital tasks within cells. Since malfunctioning proteins can cause disease, the study of protein structure and function can lead to the development of drugs and treatments for numerous disorders. For example, the discovery of insulin’s role in diabetes paved the way for the development of a treatment based on insulin injections. Yet, despite enormous research efforts led by scientists worldwide, the cellular function of numerous proteins is still unknown. To reveal this function, scientists perform various genetic manipulations to increase or, conversely, decrease the production of a certain protein, but existing manipulations of this sort are complicated and do not fully meet the researchers’ needs. 
Potent possibilities for parasites:
454 sequencing identifies HIV drug resistance at early stage
Casting the molecular net
The wider view from a detailed focus
In a first, scientists develop tiny implantable bio computers
Study of protein folds offers insight into metabolic evolution
Genome of yellow fever/dengue fever mosquito sequenced
Magnetic computer sensors may help study bio-molecules
How to steer a moving cell
A matter of force
Novel system developed to turn data into real-time, interactive 3-D images
Researchers create interactive map with Google technology to track avian flu spread
An electro-acoustic path to custom-made gene chips
How is the digitization of information impacting across the health service?
India’s biotech industry emerging as world innovator, collaborator, competitor
Chromosomal micro-array analysis proves accurate
New science of meta-genomics ‘will transform modern microbiology’
Grid Computing to aid in analysis of avian flu
DOE JGI releases enhanced Genome Data Management System IMG 2.1 marking 2-year a…
IEEE 7th International Symposium on Bioinformatics & Bio-engineering (BIBE 2007)
Type of stem cell found to reside in transplanted lungs
‘Guardian of the genome’ protein found to underlie skin tanning

Therapeutic peptide frees the protein p73 to kill tumor cells
An architectural plan of the cell and Factor ELISA Kit Human Research.
Human Platelet Activating Factor.


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